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Big News coming!

Lots of new stuff coming in 2014 watch this space

Business Apps for £79

We have now branched out into making Apps for businesses for just £79 see www.blackcatapps.eu for more details

Footfall in Charity Shop Radio Hits 500000

Its been calculated that the total footfall for our charity shop radio service has reached the 500000 mark per month!!

What a great chance to get your business advertised for just £90 per month, 4 adverts every 1 hour fully produced and ready to go all we need is the text from you, approx enough for 10 seconds, longer adverts available if required, See www.imsradio.net or www.charityshopradio.co.uk for more details.

Thanks Colin

Local Business Radio

Imsradio launch LBRadio

Our parent company IMSradio have just launched www.lbradio.co.uk its a website dedicated to show case our Local Business Radio idea. This allows a group of local businesses to get together and help fight back over the out of town shopping centres.

How it works is quite simple but if it wasn't for internet radio and our radio services would be a very expensive option.

So a local set of businesses signup and then can add their own adverts to their own radio station so the butchers on the High street have their adverts in the garage repair shop down the road and the garage gets his advert in the butchers on the High street etc etc. This gives the shopper informed about all the products and services available locally.!!

Not only that but general announcements can be added as "free parking on market day every Thursday" the possibilities are endless.

And of course ALL the music is Dj presented and fully PRS/PPL royalty free.

So have a look at www.lbradio.co.uk TODAY and start your own community radio station for just £10 per month/business and the first advert FREE.

Thanks Colin

New Forum

New forum launched

We at Charity Shop Radio have just launched a forum just for use by users of our PRS/PPL fee free music services, with a section dedicated to charity shops.

So if you need a question answering it might already be here and if not post it and another member or one of our staff will answer it for you.

Go to www.imsradio.forumotion.org

and signup today

More Charity Shops signed up!

Charity Shop Radio Signups.

We now have 9 Charities signed up to our internet radio services.

Some of the Charity shops already tuning in!

AVOID PRS and PPL fees 
AVOID PRS and PPL fees
AVOID PRS and PPL fees Say NO to PRS and PPL fees
NO More PRS and PPL fees for my business NO More PRS and PPL fees
PAY NO More PRS/PPL fees

  • Dove House Hospice
  • Ty Hafan
  • Forget Me Not Childrens Hospice
  • Lyndsey Lodge Hospice
  • Sue Ryder Tea Rooms
  • Age UK (South Lakeland)
  • The Peace Hospice
  • St Lukes Hospice
  • Naomi House/Jacks Place

Over 50 Shops enjoying our music.

So why not join them by going to http://www.charityshopradio.co.uk 

Start saving your PRS and PPL fees today

Royalty Free Music for Business

Royalty free music?

Is royalty free music for business the same as prs and ppl fee free music? Well yes it is royalty free music is just another way of describing the same sort of thing, ie there are still no royalty fees to pay if royalty free music is used un your business just as if prs/ppl fee free music is played.

There are of course different types of both royalty free music and prs/ppl fee free music and they both help the user avoid paying those fees.

Our royalty free music and prs/ppl fee free music is always introduced by pro djs.

So tune in and enjoy your royalty free music.

PRS and PPL hitting charity shops

Individual shops will pay levy

Click here to find out more!

The Government's plan to make charities pay royalties to play music will apply to each charity shop individually and could cost charities that run shops a total of more than £500,000 a year, according to the Association of Charity Shops.

The association, which represents more than 300 charities that have shops, says its members will have to pay an average of £1,800 a year if they want to continue playing music.

Earlier this month, the Government announced that it would support proposals to remove the charity exemptions from paying fees to Phonographic Performance Limited, which represents the interests of music producers and performers.

Charities already pay fees for music to the Performing Rights Society, which represents music writers, composers and publishers. Under the proposed new system they would pay one fee that would be split between the PRS and PPL.

A spokesman for PPL said that charities would be charged per shop, rather than paying a one-off fee to play music in all their shops.

He said the cost per charity shop had not been decided, but the amount was likely to be less than £100 a year. There are approximately 7,500 charity shops in the UK, according to the Association of Charity Shops.

David Moir, head of policy and public affairs at the ACS, said the association would meet spokesmen from the opposition parties and backbench MPs to urge them to pressurise the Government over the plans, which are due to come into force on 6 April 2010.

"Our members are horrified about the proposals," he said.

"The music industry already collects about £17m in royalties each year, so the amount from charity shops won't make that much difference, but it will certainly hit our shops very hard."

This is a great reason for Charity Shops to turn to Charity Shop Radio and so avoid having to pay these fees. Totally PRS/PPL fee free.

Click here to go to the dedicated Charity Shop Radio Website


Advertising opportunities

Do you run a business? and would like to help keep our charity shop radio service running whilst increasing your brand awareness and even sell more products. Well try advertising on our station, already used by over 50 UK charity shops exclusively with a monthly footfall of approx 150000. With customers of all ages ranging from students to OAPs.

Prices start at £90 per month for a 10 second advert and this advert will be played approx 2880 in 1 month [assuming  8 hours/day 6 days a week] Discounts available for longer adverts.

ALL production costs are included in the fee all we need is the text of you want to say.

see here for more details


Radio Player Added

New addition to website

We have just added a flash radio player to the homepage, so you can hear a very small snippet of what our Internet radio service has to offer. 2 tracks + 2 adverts if you would like a longer more indepth trial please see the website www.charityshopradio.co.uk  for more details.

Free window stickers and a certificate for display in your shop are also available just drop us a line.

Charity Shop Radio is part of www.imsradio.net and uses the same great format for its shows.

So start saving your money and join us today, saving both PRS and PPL fees.

Charity Shop Radio

charity shop radio NO More prs/ppl fees




Charity Shop Radio is launched

April 2012 and our new website www.charityshopradio.co.uk is launched.

A dedicated website for all the charity shops out there that want great music but want to avoid having to pay PRS/PPL fees.

And its not second best! We have created an internet radio station just for charity shops with pro djs hosting all our shows with relevant adverts and announcements added to help increase your takings.

Hear a sample at the website www.charityshopradio.co.uk there is even an option that doesn't require any special equipment just tune in from your computer.

So join the many charities already enjoying our services.

And remember PRS fees can be claimed back if paid in advance so no more PRS or PPL fees!!